Thinking Differently about COVID-19 Visualization with Tableau

Personally, I find the level of attrition we are experiencing as a species on a daily basis incomprehensible. I have no frame of reference for understanding this kind of death. As I hear stories about how “COVID fatigue” is deafening even the loudest pleas from public officials to continue distancing practices, it occurs to me that I’m not alone here. As useful as maps and line graphs have been, I have trouble understanding the human impact from them.

While visualization is just the tip of the data-science-for-social-good spear, it’s also the most digestible. I encountered recently a beautiful heat map of climate change created by Vani Argawal that really saddened me, then stuck with me, so it did its job. I attempted to create a similar heat map for COVID-19 deaths - not nearly as pretty as Vani's, but effective I think. You can toggle to show new cases and vaccinations as well, by continent and country or globally. Hopefully, it helps relate the data in a bit more of a consumable way. My daughter seemed to appreciate it. I hope you do too.